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Thursday, the 18th of January 2018.

Research Groups

Robotics Technologies And Services For Road Safety
Electronic Engineering Group Applied To Renewable Energy Systems
Group of Electronic Engineering Applied To Intelligent Spaces and Transport
Biomedical Engineering Group
Photonics Engineering Group

Research Areas

Computer Science. Technologies To Support Dependency (Cod.UNESCO: 1203.99)
Circuit Design (Cod.UNESCO: 3307.03)
Design of sensor systems (Cod.UNESCO: 1203.25)
Semiconductor devices (Cod.UNESCO: 3307.14)
Ultrasonic devices (Cod.UNESCO: 3307.22)
Teaching with the help of the computer (Cod.UNESCO: 1203.10)
Control electronics (Cod.UNESCO: 3311.05)
Fiber Optics (Cod.UNESCO: 2209.05)
Power generation. Unconventional sources of energy (Cod.UNESCO: 3322.02)
Power generation. Unconventional sources of energy (Cod.UNESCO: 3308.11)
Control Engineering (Cod.UNESCO: 3311.02)
Biomedical Instrumentation (Cod.UNESCO: 3311.10)
Artificial Intelligence (Cod.UNESCO: 1203.04)
Simulation. Virtual reality systems (Cod.UNESCO: 1203.26)
Real Time Systems (Cod.UNESCO: 3304.17)
Automation Technology (Cod.UNESCO: 3311.01)
Technology-Robotics instrumentation assistance (Cod.UNESCO: 3311.99)
Instrumentation technology. Electronic instruments (Cod.UNESCO: 3301.07)
Instrumentation technology. Neural networks and smart spaces (Cod.U: 3311.99)
Technology electronic systems applide to the transport(3327.99)
E-Vision Technology (Cod.UNESCO: 3307.99)
Telecommuniation technologies. Phone (Cod.UNESCO: 3325.08)
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